TiRx Motorcycle Tire Changer

What It Is:

tirxmoto tire changer motorcycle

The TiRx Changer

The TiRx tire changer is a newly invented and designed tool. It is made of steel box tubing, plate and round bar stock with plastic rollers and an organically shaped tire bead guide. The tire changer weighs less than 20 pounds and has three moving parts.  The main components include a base, a temporary axle, a demount arm, and a compression roller device.  The base is made of one inch square box steel tubing arms in the shape of an “X” with each arm being approximately two feet long.  The temporary axle is a hinged metal rod ¾ inch in diameter and 14 inches long extending perpendicular to the wall that folds and locks upward and flat to the wall when the tool is not in use. The demount arm is a two piece adjustable plate steel arm with metal collar welded to one end and a plastic demount head affixed to the other end. The compression roller device consists of a box steel tubing arm with pair of three inch diameter plastic rollers suspended by metal axle carriers from the compression roller arm. The axle carriers are also connected together by a threaded rod.

What It Does:

The TiRx tire changer is used by motorcyclists to change their own motorcycle tires. This tool “breaks” the tire bead free of the wheel rim and slides the old tire off and the new tire on to the wheel rim.  Additionally the tire changer is used to perform a static balance of the wheel and tire after mounting by identifying the heavy point on the radius of the wheel. 

How It Does It:

The tire changer is typically mounted on a wall by securing the base of the tool to the underlying wood 2x4 wall studs. The forces used to change the tire are vectored along the plane of the wall while manually rotating the tire against the tire bead guide.

The motorcycle wheel has two wheel bearings in the hub similar to a bicycle wheel. The wheel hub is slid onto the temporary axle with these bearings in place leaving the wheel and tire free to rotate.

An adjustable length demount arm made of metal plate is then attached to the temporary axle hanging down from the axle by a keyed metal collar. The keyed metal collar restricts the arm from rotation on the plane of the wheel. The bottom end of the arm is fitted with the plastic tire bead guide. The tire bead guide is fitted along the rim of the wheel. The bead of the tire is levered over the plastic tire bead guide, and the wheel is manually rotated to slide the bead of the tire on to or off of the wheel as needed.

An adjustable compression roller device is mounted from the top end of the top right base arm perpendicular to the wall and oriented parallel with the temporary axle. The rollers of the compression roller arm are positioned to press against the sidewalls of the tire. A threaded rod connecting the axle carriers is designed to pull the rollers together or push them apart when the threaded rod is rotated by a standard 18Volt hand drill. This device is used to break the tire bead free from the wheel rim and also to align the tire beads in the center of the wheel during operation to minimize the effort required to mount and demount a tire.